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App Development
From iPhone and Android apps to mobile websites, our designers create engaging and intuitive apps that inform and entertain your visitors. Offer a new way for customers to tap and swipe their way to your products and services and extend your brand.
Our e-commerce solutions cover the spectrum. We help small blog sites looking to sell informational downloads as well national e-retailers selling thousands of products.
All companies must now become multimedia companies, but most do not have the expertise, resources or money to devote to multimedia marketing. Our unique expertise and resources enable us to help companies large and small create multi-use, video marketing.
Professional copywriting achieves the careful balance between writing for readers and writing for the web crawlers that rank and index the content you share. Our copywriting experts help you create compelling, relevant content that stands out and differentiates you from your competition.
Content Strategy
We assess where you can gain the most benefit with your content. We determine which platforms you should target, what kind of content to create and how much effort is needed for optimal brand positioning.
Local Search Marketing
Local search marketing is a specific campaign designed to rank your website higher for locally based keywords, optimize your Google Maps and Google Places listings, and drive more foot traffic into your place of business.
Email Marketing
Email marketing campaigns are effective for engaging with your target audience. By analyzing buyer personas, we develop targeted email campaigns to drive direct response actions from your potential customers.
Mobile Marketing
Being able to reach your audience on their smartphones and tablets is one of the most crucial segments of your digital marketing campaign. Mobile is the way your clients are consuming information and making purchase decisions.
Net Point Marketing is a comprehensive digital marketing and web development agency.

The secret to Net Point Marketing’s success is the crossover knowledge of our experts: our website developers understand marketing and SEO, our marketing experts understand web architecture and content.
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