Content Strategy

Content Strategy


With so many online content platforms, a digital content strategy is the difference between a goldmine of opportunity and landmines of destruction. According to Forbes, 88% of B2B marketers currently use content marketing as part of their marketing strategy, yet only 32% have a documented content marketing strategy.

The same case study found 85% of B2B marketers say lead generation will be their most important content marketing goal in 2016. Sales will be their second priority.

From a B2C perspective, 76% of B2C marketers report using content marketing, yet only 37% say their strategy is effective.

Only 37% of B2C marketers say they have a documented content marketing strategy. Both B2B and B2C companies report substantially increasing their content marketing budgets.

It’s clear that companies see how important content marketing has become, yet few understand how to put a content marketing strategy in place and then execute on that strategy.

We assess where you can gain the most benefit with your content. We determine which platforms you should target, what kind of content to create and the effort needed for optimal brand positioning.

We look at:

  • Brand Positioning
  • Your Current Content Efforts
  • Your Current or Potential Blog Strategy
  • How Content Is Integrated Into Your Overall Marketing Plan
  • What Content Is Working For You and What’s Not
If content is king, content strategy is the road-map to the kingdom. We establish a clear plan for your content, including: what should be posted, where, when, how often and the resources you should be using to gain a competitive edge.

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Developing a content strategy begins by defining what your goals are with your content. It continues through careful consideration of what type of content you want to create gain the attention of your audience. Remarkable content can take many forms, from text based blog articles to full length videos. Choosing the right type of content and the platforms to deliver it will drive your success with content marketing.
Excellent content does nothing for you if you're not executing properly and delivering your message on a consistent basis. From creating a workable editorial calendar to uploading the articles, images, and videos to your chosen platforms, we make sure that your story is cutting through the clutter and making an impact on your company's bottom line.
Just posting your content often is not enough. After all, you have taken the time to write some seriously remarkable content. It's helpful, entertaining, and drives your message home. But if nobody is paying attention, what was it all for? Content amplification guarantees your message is seen by your prospective customers on all of the websites that make the most sense for your organization. Excellent content comes first, but after that let's make sure it gets heard loud and clear.