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Conversion Optimization

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Conversion optimization strategy deals with action and how to get your site visitors to take more of it. Most website analytics are based on traffic –not conversion. But, conversion numbers are the only ones that matter to the bottom line. Net Point Marketing helps you attract more qualified visitors to your website and turn them into qualified leads.

Conversion opportunities extend beyond just your website, so we also design sales pages, calls-to-action (CTA’s), and social media campaigns to further extend your marketing message.

Psychology and behavioral patterns play an enormous role in moving visitors from the top of the sales funnel to actually becoming a new customer. We study the buyer personas of your target audience and build a user experience that maximizes the visitor experience.

We test everything from the words used on your CTA’s to the colors, fonts, and styling used on your web pages.  This information informs how we develop your site architecture and plays a significant role in the navigational elements.  Our goal is always to build websites that require as few clicks as possible to get to the desired information.

We’ll also ensure your website is easy-to-navigate, attention grabbing & most importantly, triggers ACTION!

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Our goal is always to build websites that require as few clicks as possible to get to the desired information.

We look at the elements of the visitor experience like colors, fonts and design. Armed with this important data, we then build a site architecture to drive visitors to take action.

Our conversion optimization experts advise you on ways to increase user interaction through audits of your website, social media channels, blog and offsite content. We dive deep into your company’s online marketing goals, research your competition, and explore industry best practices. Our discovery process looks at what is trending in your industry and how that intersects with your company’s products and services.
From website design, to landing page creation, there is an art and science to driving action online. We design your website with that purpose in mind. Through A/B testing, we measure the effectiveness of your most powerful marketing tool allowing us to make adjustments to improve the user experience. Always custom built around your company’s unique vision, your website will be as functional as it is beautiful.
Effective landing pages lead your visitors down a desired path and compel action. We know what psychological triggers can make that happen. Using a combination of specific color placement, design layouts and content, we convert visitors into customers.


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