Tauseef Yousuf

Something About Me
Tauseef works closely with our customer partners to help resolve special issues and get the web projects completed. He also works on the digital branding strategy for our clients.
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Tauseef Skills

Lead Generation
Search Engine Optimization
Web Design
Marketing Consulting
Social Marketing

Tauseef Biography

It is very challenging to write about my own strengths and weakness because sometimes there is a huge gap between what I think I am and what I really am! To get an objective description I tried to ask my friends and colleagues who know me very well that what they think about me.

I think one of my distinguishing strength is the diversity of experiences I possess. I have shared goals and optimal results.

In what may at first glance appear to be a strength, I can also be perhaps initially too patient. Instead, I aim to communicate well throughout a process and talk with my colleagues so we together can solve any issue before anyone becomes angry. Finally, I know that to have a successful life both personally and in my career, I need to know myself. And I am continually working to not only strengthen my strengths but also to improve upon my weaknesses.